Life of Shri Sudhir Ranjan Bhaduri
Shri Shri Sudhir Ranjan Bhaduri (Guruji’s father)
Translator: Shani Evenstain
Shri Sudhir Ranjan Bhaduri Shri Sudhir Ranjan Bhaduri (Sudhir Babu) was born in 1889, as a prince to the royal family in the Nadya district in west Bengal. This district was well-known for spiritual giants who grew out of it, like Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and Shri Shri Shiyama Charan Lahiri Mahasaya.
Since childhood, Sudhir Babu had been searching for God and had a deep thirst for spiritual knowledge. His prayers were answered, as from the earliest days of his youth he was guided by wise people and was exposed to rare scriptures and books. He was so fascinated by the knowledge revealed to him, that he could spend days and nights diving deeper and deeper into his books.
  As he grew up, his parents had hoped to see him settled down, and so arranged him to be married. Only his wife left him after only eight days, as she could not bare the fact that he was spending most of his time with his books. Shortly after his wife left, Sudhir Babu decided to give up the royal life he was born into, and left his family.
Packing his books in a bag, Sudhir Babu traveled to Varanasi, the city where every spiritual journey begins, hoping to find a master to guide him. Not finding one, he settled down in the Golden Temple (Kashi Vishwanath) and decided he would fast and pray until he finds a Master. After three days of fasting, saint Bhrigu was revealed to him and gave him initiation. Sudhir Babu went into a trance, in which the sage gave him the knowledge of Astrology and Brahma Chinta. During his initiation, he promised sage Bhrigu he would spread the knowledge for the benefit of humanity and not keep it only to himself.
Coming out of the trance, Sudhir Babu remembered everything vividly. Saint Bhrigu told him he was chosen to exposethe knowledge that was hidden in Tibetans monasteries during the 13th century. The knowledge was called Bhrigu-Chinta or Brahma Chinta Pranalli, and included five branches – Astrology, Tantra, Ayurveda, Raja Yoga and Mundane. That day, Sudhir Babu’s most meaningful studies commenced. He then dedicated twenty years of his life gathering the ancient scriptures, which were spread in various parts of India and Tibet. He succeeded in collecting 108 parts of the Bhrigu Chinta.
The West has learned about the Brahma Chinta knowledge from the meetings between Dr. Paul Brunton and Sudhir Babu. Dr. Brunton had well described this meeting [which took place circa 1920], in his exemplary book "A Search in Secret India." This book describes Brunton’s search for the real Masters of Yoga in India.
Practicing Brahma Chinta Pranalli brought Sudhir Babu to a state of self-realization. However, it is customary in India that a man must have a physical teacher at least once in his life. Sudhir Babu therefore kept looking for a great living master to initiate him. He finally encountered Lahiri Mahasaya, with whom he studied Raja Yoga, Karma Yoga and Kriya Yoga, and exchanged knowledge of Astrology.

With the aid of sage Bhrigu, Sudhir Babu learned he was yet to fulfill his karmatic duties. He was to get married again and have a family in order to fulfill his earthly duties. He got an exact description of his wife to be, her name and where she lived. When the time was right, he asked her father’s permission to marry her, and then for the second time he became a family man. Sudhir Babu and his wife gave birth to five children, but only two survived – Shri Brahma Gopal Bhaduri and Shri Km. Durga Rani Bhaduri, Bhavani.

Shri Sudhir Babu left his body in 1956, when his son was eleven years old and his daughter 13 years old. Durga Rani Bhaduri, Bhavani, left her body in 1998.