Yoga Instructors Program
For General Populations and Populations with Special Needs
Translator: Shani Evenstain
Program Leader and Instructor – Dr. Ehud Bilu

This program was created to train and certify Yoga instructors to work with general populations, as well as with populations with special needs, in accordance with the Bhrigu Yoga tradition. This ancient Yoga tradition is taught today directly in Varanasi, India, through Dr. Shri Brahma Gopal Bhaduri - a great Yoga, Tantra, Astrology and Ayurveda master. The basis of this program is individual daily practice, which enables the students to experience Yoga on its physical, mental and spiritual aspects.
The program includes studies and practice of -
* Raja Yoga - as taught directly by Dr. Shri Brahma Gopal Bhaduri.
* Hatha Yoga – based on the teachings of Avraham Godel, Selvarajan Yesudian and Elisabeth Haich.
* Improving the organization of the body in postures and breathing exercises using the Feldenkrais Method.
* Meditation on various elements of the main energy centers in the body [Chakras].

1 - Training Yoga instructors for general populations.
2 – Training Yoga instructors for populations with special needs.
3 – Providing tools for personal growth and self-improvement.
Structure and Certification

The Program has two stages
Stage 1 – Studying at the Bhrigu Yoga School
This stage requires an active participation in the course, fulfillment of coursework and successfully passing theoretical and practical exams.
Stage 2 – Internship at AKIM institutions
This stage includes instructing 30 Yoga classes, on a weekly base, at AKIM institutions [the National Association for the Habilitation of the Mentally Handicapped in Israel]. This stage is in collaboration with the Ministry of Social Affairs, and in cooperation with The Bhrigu Yoga School.
Students who successfully complete the two stages and graduate the program will receive certificates from –
1 – The Bhrigu Yoga School.
2 – The Cultural Department – AKIM, Israel & The Department of Treatment for the Mentally Retarded - The Israeli Ministry of Social Affairs.

Theoretical Studies
1 - The Philosophy of Yoga according to –
* The Bhrigu Yoga tradition, as taught by Dr. Shri Brahma Gopal Bhaduri and Shivshankar Tripathi.
* Ancient Yoga scriptures
* Writings of Yoga Masters.
2 – Ayurveda – [Lectures in English] Taught by Bhagwan Swaroop Verma, an Ayurveda expert.
3 – Anatomy and Physiology – in relation to Yoga exercises – taught by Sari Ben-Michael, a physical therapist.
4 – Yoga Therapy
  Practical Studies
1 – Bhrigu Yoga – Raja Yoga
* Open eyes concentration exercises
* Meditation exercises
* Exercises to increase control of consciousness
2 – "Yoga with Movement, Sound and Color" – educational program for populations with special needs.
3 – Chakras – meditation on various aspects of the central energy centers, combined with Gong music.
4 – Hatha Yoga – Asanas – physical postures that include breathing, concentration and relaxation; Prana Yama – breathing exercises that increase control over breath and combine body and soul.
5 – A.T.M – Awareness Through Movement – organizing the body and perfecting the personal physical ability and awareness in the various postures and Yoga exercises.
6 – Focus on Yoga for various populations –
* Yoga for children.
* Yoga for pregnant women.
*Yoga for the elderly.
7 – How to teach Yoga - students experience instructing the material they study, and learn how to construct full Yoga sessions.
8 – Personal practice – at least one hour a day.
Enrollment requirements

1 – Main criterion - A personal evaluation by the program’s leader.
2 – A history of active participation in Yoga classes at The Bhrigu Yoga School.
3 – External students who wish to take part in this program must study a full year in a regular Yoga group at The Bhrigu Yoga School.
Certification Requirements

1 – Daily practice – at least an hour a day.
2 – Class attendance of at least 85%.
3 – Passing a theoretical exam.
4 – Passing a practical exam – practicing and instructing
5 – Internship at AKIM institutions – instructing 30 Yoga classes for populations with special needs [mentally retarded, autistic, etc..].
6 – Reading and summarizing books and articles in both Hebrew and English.
7 – Good English skills – some lectures are in English.
Target Audience

* Physical instructors.
* Physical therapists.
* Occupational therapists.
* People who practice Yoga, Martial Arts or Holistic Medicine.
* People with background in education for populations with special needs.
* People with background in various medical fields.
** People with other backgrounds – will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
About the Instructor

Dr. Ehud Bilu
has been studying and practicing Yoga since 1980. He is a senior disciple of Dr. Shri Brahma Gopal Bhaduri, who is a great Yoga, Tantra, Jyotish [Vedic Astrology] and Ayurveda Master. His Formal Education include - a Ph.D in Therapeutic Counseling, a Certificate in Spiritual and Psychic Sciences, a B.Ed in Physical Training, and a Feldenkrais Instructor Certificate in Functional Integration and Awareness through Movement. As part of his Ph.D dissertation, Dr. Bilu had developed a unique educational program for people with special needs called, "Yoga through Movement, Sound and Color." Combining his vast knowledge and experience, Dr. Bilu has founded The Bhrigu Yoga School [located in Tel-Aviv, Israel], where he teaches Yoga and leads Yoga Instructors Certification Programs for general populations and special needs populations.

Dr. Bilu is also a country leader and head of the following Yoga Instructors Programs –
The Yoga Instructors Program in Seminar Hakibuzim College, Tel-Aviv, Israel;
Yoga Instruction and Yoga Instructors Certification Program in AKIM Israel [The National Association for the Habilitation of Mentally Handicapped in Israel], in collaboration with the Israeli Department of Labor.
For more details, please contact The Bhrigu Yoga School.