Dr. Ehud Bilu
Translator: Shani Evenstain

Dr. Ehud BiluDr. Ehud Bilu has been studying and practicing Yoga since 1980.
He is a senior disciple of Dr. Shri Brahma Gopal Bhaduri, who is a great Yoga, Tantra, Jyotish [Vedic Astrology] and Ayurveda Master.





Formal Education
  • A Ph.D in Therapeutic Counseling – The Open International University for Complementary Medicines – Medicina Alternativa, Sri Lanka.
  • A Certificate in Spiritual and Psychic Sciences – The International College of Spiritual and Psychic Sciences, Montreal, Canada.
  • A B.Ed in Physical Training – Seminar Hakibuzim College, Tel-Aviv, Israel.
  • A Feldenkrais Instructor Certificate in Functional Integration and Awareness through Movement – The International Feldenkrais Federation, Tel-Aviv, Israel.
As part of his Ph.D dissertation, Dr. Bilu had developed a unique educational program for people with special needs called, "Yoga through Movement, Sound and Color." Combining his vast knowledge and experience in Yoga, the Feldenkrais method, physical training and populations with special needs, Dr. Bilu has founded The Bhrigu Yoga School [located in Tel-Aviv, Israel]. There he teaches Yoga and leads Yoga Instructors Certification Programs for general and special needs populations. Dr. Bilu is also a country leader and head of the following Yoga Instructors Programs –
  • The Yoga Instructors Program in Seminar Hakibuzim College, Tel-Aviv, Israel.
  • Yoga Instruction and Yoga Instructors Certification Program in AKIM Israel [The National Association for the Habilitation of Mentally Handicapped in Israel], in collaboration with the Israeli Department of Labor.

Bhrigu Yoga from briguzlil pnimi on Vimeo.

The main teachers who guided and influenced him throughout the years are:
  • Avraham Godel – Bilu’s first Yoga teacher - Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Gihan Yoga and a Yogi lifestyle. Ashdod, Israel.
  • Dr. Shri Brahma Gopal Bhaduri – Bhrigu Yoga. Varanasi, India.
  • Shivshankar Tripathi [Shibuji] – Bhrigu Yoga. Varanasi, India.
  • Selvarajan Yesudian, Elisabeth Haich – a 6-weeks summer workshop – Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga, Philosophy of Yoga. Ponte Tresa, Switzerland.
  • Prof. Marilyn Zwaig Rossner, PhD, EdD – "The International College of Spiritual and Psychic Sciences.” Montreal, Canada.
  • Swami Shyam – Meditation and Philosophy. Kullu, India.
  • Dr. Hava Shalhav – A Feldenkrais Instructors’ program. Tel-Aviv, Israel.
  • Dr. Noa Blass – Meditation on the Chakras, combined with gong music. 1992 – 2002, Tel-Aviv, Israel.
  • Lily Benatav – Feldenkrais Instructors’ program. 1987 – 1988, Tel-Aviv, Israel.